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Leather bags


Handmade leather briefcase.

Leather briefcase

Indestructible and eternal leather briefcase made ‚Äč‚Äčentirely by hand.

Hard leather bag

Completely handmade cylinder bag in black leather with swivel lock.

The leather will soften with use, it's an indestructible material, and suitable for any situation.

Hard leather briefcase

Large briefcase in black leather.

It 'a robust and indestructible leather bag designed to hold books, notes or materials to safely transport everything you want.

Hard leather bag

Small leather cylinder bag.

It's an hard leather small bag with buckle closure. Incredibly durable and sophisticated, this bag is completely hand-made and can safety contains small objects. Indestructible, does not fear any stress.

Top box for motorcycles

Leather top boxes set for motorcycles.

Hard leather, totally handmade.

suitable for any belt.