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borse in pelle artigianali su misura

Old Esfolia Bags

Once upon a time, in 1997, Esfolia did not exist. Nevertheless, there was a little workshop full of things; there were items placed side by side, stacked, neatly lined up, or lying on top of each other randomly. There was so much stuff, it covered up the inner walls; so much so that there was no need of color washing! The wall colors were a hodgepodge of raw silver, bronze, colored beads and pendants. The earthy colors of leather and the blacks stole the natural light from the ceiling which housed pendants, oriental silks, scarves, the traditional white, red and blue kafias.

old shop esfolia where we made our first leather bags

There were earrings, necklaces, chains, pendants, shirts, candles, and there was always more to what the eye could meet, hidden somewhere at the back . A string of shelves occupied almost an entire wall, from top to floor, and there, carefully divided according to their importance, handmade wallets, purses and belts with old looking buckles mingled with the smell of worked leather and incense that was always burning next to the old sewing machine placed behind the till.

This place was known to everyone in town: if you were looking for ordinary stuff, this shop was not the right place to go to. It would have been a waste of time, because this little workshop did not cater for the ordinary. The workshop brought ideas to life. Visitors came here because they had an idea of what they wanted.. The workshop made ideas come true.

older custom leather bags

In the years, this little shop full of things underwent a makeover, changed the location as well as its name, but did not stop on bringing ideas to life. This is the reason for Esfolia's existence . Over the years it has become a workshop specializing in the creation of carefully crafted and sewn objects in leather.

leatherworking on a bag

The craftsman style enhances the soft leather, decorating it with refined details: The Esfolia collection is one of a kind. It observes fashion, but does not follow it. An exclusive fashionable piece could not be one of a kind.

The essence of Esfolia is the enhancement of handicraft. We've firmly believed in creativity and elegance for centuries; Italy has exported and been the uttermost representation of Elegance in the world ; today handicraft remains one of the only areas Italy is truly admired for. Arts and crafts, communication and tailor made objects strengthen our identity. You could still visualize it on that wall in that little workshop full of shelves and objects, though now, that wall has opened to the global market.

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  • tracolle in pelle personalizzate

Collection of leather straps for musical instruments made ​​and crafted by hand. The shoulder straps are customizable and and tailormade on demand. >>>

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  • copertine in pelle agende fatte a mano
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We realize custom-made hand-painted leather covers with original decor. A unique and valuable idea for notebooks, diaries, album covers. Covers decoration are customized and tailor-made. >>>

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bracciali in pelle e cuoio

Leather accessories made ​​entirely by hand. Customized engraved bracelets, Swarovski crystals .