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Leather bags
made in Italy

Esfolia is a creative design factory of leather bags and accessories located in Italy. Passion and skill are our trademark in creating and designing original and refined objects. Unique collections, accessories and completely handcrafted and customizable leather bags are the result of this combination.

rivets for leather

Our leather bags are created carrying out all stages of processing by hand, enhancing quality, producing unique pieces, and protecting the brand of Made in Italy bags throughout the world. Esfolia supports this brand by offering totally MADE IN ITALY procedure.

Esfolia collections are constantly updated with new products and offer a wide choice of leather bags and accessories such as belts, collars, bracelets, shoulder bags, and special accessories such as leather straps for musical instruments or covers for photo albums or agendas.

spikes for bags

Esfolia offers an original design of its leather bags and accessories, but allows you to realize your purse or your perfect leather item too. Do you have an idea of how your perfect bag should be and what you've found in the shops does not exactly satisfy you? Leather bags, belts, collars, bracelets, leather briefcases...Esfolia researches and develops your desire for leather, adapting a real bag model or creating it according to your dreams.

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Collection of leather straps for musical instruments made ​​and crafted by hand. The shoulder straps are customizable and and tailormade on demand. >>>

logo copertine in pelle agende
  • copertine in pelle agende fatte a mano
  • copertine fatte a mano in pelle
  • copertine in pelle album

We realize custom-made hand-painted leather covers with original decor. A unique and valuable idea for notebooks, diaries, album covers. Covers decoration are customized and tailor-made. >>>

logo bracciali in cuoio
bracciali in pelle e cuoio

Leather accessories made ​​entirely by hand. Customized engraved bracelets, Swarovski crystals .

copertine in pelle album

Hard leather engraving, pyrography, unique and original drawings in oil or acrylic colors: all techniques of leather processing can be combined to create unique handcrafted items. >>>

copertine in pelle album

Hard leather bags are indestructible. Totally handmade, they can be customized on request, the leather can be enhanced by engraving, accessories, crystals and hand-painted decorations. >>>

copertine in pelle album

We craft custom leather objects in limited edition. Our off pieces are made strictly on the customer's instructions. The result are true works of art. >>>